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Rumpler C explosion at Wulpen, 21 april 1918


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"On 21st April 1918, Lieutenant Charles Robert Reeves Hickey shot down a two-seater hostile Rumpler C aeroplane at Wulpen. He landed alongside to prevent the pilot from burning the machine and was burnt when the enemy aeroplane blew up as a result of a timed infernal machine, killing several bystanders."

This text above is all I could find about an explosion at Wulpen, near Nieuport. In this explosion, several people got wounded or killed, including at least 4 Belgian artillerymen from a nearby AA position.

I was wondering if there is anyone who can give me more information on this incident, as Lieutenant Hickey was also wounded. I am also searching for possible pictures of the crashed plane and wondered if the German crew escaped and if they are known by name.

Any help is more than welcome!



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Interesting - the RFC/RAF were issuing special demolition bombs for use on aircraft engines from the beginning of 1918. They had a pull cord which lit a short fuse and the instruction "pull cord and run". Also used later as scuttling charges on tanks. I wonder who got the idea from whom?

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