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Royal Naval Division - Help Requested.

Guest kim.sharman

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Guest kim.sharman


Let me introduce myself.

My name is Kim Sharman and, after a life in Aviation, I now find myself lecturing on Cruise Ships. Dirty Job, but somebody's got to do it! I have a website at www.kimsharman.com which shows my background and Lecture topics.

My next topic is provisionally entitled "Matelots in the Mud' and is about the RND. I'm doing OK (sort of) on the text and context, but what I am short of is images for a Powerpoint presentation. So, that's what I'm appealing for help with.

As for copyright, I'm assured by the FAA Museum that is not an issue as long as money is not involved. Since I don't get paid for lecturing, that seems to address that issue.

Anything you can do for me would be great. It may be simpler to email me direct at kim.sharman@me.com

Thanks GWFs.

Regards, Kim Sharman

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