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2nd Ltn. Carlton D. VIRGIN - 10 and 25 London R. 19 Punjabis and IAOR


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Hi all,

I am researching an officer Second Lieutenant CARLTON DEAN VIRGIN (13.05.1894-09.1977)

I have checked most of the sources and I have:

- his MIC

- London Gazette inputs 02.05.1919 and 09.01.1920

- Census and Phone books inputs from ancestry

Based on that, I know he served in 10th London Regiment, then 25th London Regiment, 2/19 Punjabis, Indian Army Reserve of Officers.

Because he served only in the end of the war and in India, he was entitled only British War Medal, what he applied 1923 January. At this time he lived in Gotham, Bristol. He married 1920 and he worked in Stokes Croft as a dept collector (estate?).

I know his papers exist in Kew and I think to try to get them.

Now, any help regards him and/or units where he was in.

Like I understand most of these units had pretty interesting service during the war?

25th London Regiment was moved to India and then to Russia. Because 2nd Ltn. Virgin transfers, I presume he was sent to India with them but after when the unit was sent ahead to Russia, he staid behind with the 2/19th Punjabis. I found out that the 1/19th Punjabis served in Turkmenistan against bolsheviks did the 2nd Bn. did the same???

Also how Indian Army Reserve of Officers worked? He must be listed under this organisation (??) very shortly (1920 London Gazette).

he was commissioned 1919 London Gazette (when he was listed as a part of IARO already 1918. So, what rank he hold before that with London Regiment??? No mention of his service number, etc on MIC.

Any help would be great!

PS: how I can find out did he received IGS medal or/and Jubilee medal(s)s later on as well?

Thanking you in advance,


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Thank you to Ed Haynes, I know now a little pit more about that short-live wartime unit, where he served. 2/19 Punjabis was raised 12.01.1917 and disbanded already 24.08.1922. There was 2 Coys of Sikhs, 1 Coy of Punjabi Muslims, 1 Coy of Pathans. During the war they served in Egypt and India. Because 2nd Ltn. was entitled only BWM, I can be sure he was attached to the unit when it stationed in India.

The 1919 Indian Army List shows him as a "loaned" officer to this unit and confirms as well his commission date (15 Oct. 1918).

What about 10th and 25th London Reg. When he may serve with them?

Kind Regards,


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