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Most battle committed Infantry Battalion, or Brigade on Western Front

Jim Hastings

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Good evening all,

As I read more, and my knowledge of WW1 grows, I come across the same infantry Bns, here and there, repeatedly. It got me wondering if any study had ever been conducted on which Bn had been the most committed to battle, or failing that, brigade. This may have been discussed/debated on the Forum before, but the key words I searched failed to find a thread/posts - so I apologise if I'm re-asking a previously posed query. I ummed and ahh'd about putting this post on as I know it could quite easily set the cat amongst the pigeons, but as the saying goes if you don't ask you don't learn, plus this forum is all about healthy debate. Rightly or wrongly, I thought to contain the query to just the infantry and the Western Front, and to recognised/identified battles.

I'd be interested to hear members views or whether this query has been posed before (if so please direct me to the thread).

All the very best and thank you in advance


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