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County of London Yeomanry and/or the Camel corps


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According his medal card, my Grandfather Walter Herbert John Lidbury first enrolled in 1, County of London Yeomanry. His number was either 4403 or 110751 (there are two on the card). As far as I know, he was in a MG Section. At some time or other, he transferred to the Camel Corps, as he told me stories about fighting the Turks off the back of a camel in Mesopotamia.

I can't find his record anywhere online (and neither can IWM north), so I assume his records were destroyed in WW2.

I've also tried to find if there is a regimental museum for either 1, C of London Y, or the Camel corps - there is not much online either.

I'm due to visit London in November- can anyone give me a pointer as to where i may find an alternative set of records that were not destroyed?

Thanks, Norman Lidbury

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Hello Norman

Welcome to the great war forum, you are most likely right about the Burnt service records by the Germans in WW 2. Norman have you looked in the LLT as we call it ( The Long Long trail ) the button at the top left of the screen I have put a link for you


that should get you started



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Ian- yes i have. There are a few reference points around, such as Wikpedia, but nothing of any substance. 2,CLY (Westminster Dragoons) have a museum, as does the 3rd, but I can find no trace of a museum for either 1,CLY or the Camel corps. The CC was mostly made up of ANZACS, by all accounts, with only 400 or so Brits in it, and all the references seem to be about our friends down under.


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I'm currently helping my daughter piece together some information on my stepfather Named William Irving who served in the Middle east during WW1 for a school project. He told me 50 years ago, when I was a lad, that he was with the Hussars then moved/joined the Camel Corps-in fact had a bite mark made by a camel to prove it. At the time he mentioned he was a sergeant Major and was very taken with General Allenby. He stated that they were given a mug of water a day to do anything they like with it!! I did see his campaign medals-either 3 or 4. I do not have his regimental army number, nor photograph, unfortunately and since he died back in the 1970's have no opportunity to delve further. He did mention some of the engagements with the Turks who proved to be formidiable opposition on occasions.

Hope you can help, I always felt I should do some investigation but never got around to doing it.

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Hello johnf,

Can you give any more details on William Irving? DOB, where he was born/lived, middle name and any other information which might help? If you still have his medals, have a look around the rims, you may be able to find his service number. It may also be a good idea to start a new, dedicated, post about William. It will make it easier for people to find.

All the best with your research, Joe.

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