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Mason street Barracks Liverpool


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Hi all

Mason street barracks in edge hill liverpool. a lot of info for who was here at the start of WW2, bit im struggling to see who was here in 1914.

just before WW1 began The Western Wireless Signal Company were based at 38 Mason St, Edge Hill, Liverpool. trying to find who else was here.

mason street had a number of military buildings either side of the street on a 1905 map. highgate street, behind mason street had a Volunteer hall that backed onto mason street. seems a popular area for the volunteers.

can anyone shed any light on who was here in 1914.



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Just found this thread, it explains the signals who were based there.

Is it that they were the only one's there?



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All five batteries of 1st West Lancashire Field Brigade were based in Edge Hill from 1916, could this be Mason Street?http://www.britishmi...n__1937_38_.pdf

There are photographs of Mason Street in 1913 and 1914 here: http://inacityliving...g=44922707&cr=7. I can't see anything that looks remotely military though.


* Signals are mentioned in the first link.

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1891 Map.

'Volunteer HQ'. a parade yard, modelling shed and ground for Military Engineering are also identified


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