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Does any Paperwork survive?


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Hello all.

I'm asking for help in trying to find any military information i.e Service, Pension, Medal Index etc if there are any still available/ survived.

The information I require is for my Grand Uncle - Alfred James Greening b. 24/5/1896 Hammersmith, London.

The only information I have is from his marriage certificate, dated 3/12/1917, this states his occupation as a - Bombadier RFA.

He did survive the war and ended up working as a GWR Vangaurd in the Paddington area (see photo which seems to show a WW1 medal trio).

Thank you all.


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Cant see any service records on Ancestry, on the MIC

If it is the right one - RFA Acting Bombardier 44347, then Labor Corps 704120



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  • Admin

That Labour Corps number, according to No Labour No Battle, was assigned to LC men mainly in 1919 for exhumation and reburial work on the old battlefields so he probably stayed in the RFA for his whole service in the war.

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Thank you all for your information, and SPOF if I gave you another labour coy number would you be able to tell me what he might of done work wise? He was my great grandfather who died at 24 general hospital 28/5/1917 belonging to the 24th then 132nd labour coy queens royal west surrey regt, 56146 Pte James Wooder.

I appreciate info is difficult to obtain, ultimately I would dearly like to know where he was when he sustained his injury, wwhich states " Toxic E " ? on the telegram home.

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