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In looking through the book "Germany's Western Front 1915" there is mention of a Ludwig Boell who wrote the German official history of the African campaigns in WW I. I think i read on this site that the british and Germans only finished their first volumes of the East African campaign dealing with the 1914-16 periods and the second volumes dealing with the the 1917-18 periods never got written. I know most of the German WW I records dealing with WW I got destroyed in a WW II bombing raid. Thanks in advance.

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Ludwig wrote: Die Operationen in Ostafrika (The East African Operations). He served in the campaign and has used official documents.

This book is available but only in German. If it was to be translated into English then it would be a gem of a book.


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Ludwig Boell worked at least 30 years on this book - and died shortly after

It is - from the german point of view - invaluable, albeit in some cases

uncritical towards Lettow-Vorbeck and german actions

But it´s primary purpose was a narrative for former Schutztruppe members,

so it´s excusable

Initially it was planned with 5000 pages, but due to monetary shortages it had reduced to

the actual size

His literary estate stored at the Bundesarchiv count no less than 13.000 pages

and surely contains some unpublished treasures

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