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William H Atkinson


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This man is the obligatory difficult last man I haven't identified on Upton (nr Birkenhead) war memorial. - http://www.carlscam.com/warmem/uptonb.htm

The odd thing is that i'm pretty sure I know who he is, but can't find his service or death.

There are two Atkinsons on the memorial. One is 24508 George Walter Atkinson, 11th Cheshire Rgt, KIA 20/4/1918. On the 1911 census, George is going by his second name, Walter. His brother, Harold on the census, I believe to have been born William Harold Atkinson, born Upton in the last quarter of 1891. - http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?rank=1&new=1&MSAV=1&msT=1&gss=angs-c&gsfn=harold+&gsfn_x=XO&gsln=atkinson&gsln_x=XO&gskw=%22greasby%22&gskw_x=1&cpxt=1&uidh=7u6&cp=11&pcat=35&h=5882294&db=1911England&indiv=1

This man appears on numerous Ancestry family trees but none have him after 1911. Also, I can't find any suitable deaths on BMD so I don't think he died at home.

So there have it. Any ideas?

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I assume you have looked at CWGC? There is 1 WH Atkinson and 1 William Harry Atkinson listed. One was only 17 in 1915 and the other chap was a gunner in RGA. If you search just using W Atkinson then 92 results come up and it may be worth your while having a trawl through these as some list next of kin and age which may tie back to a birth year of 1891.



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Thanks, Jonathan.

Yes, i've had a good trawl through SDGW and CWGC, including searching by key words, but to no avail. The problem with the men with only initials is that they're often the ones that the family haven't supplied details for. Also, I thought they would definitely have included the H as he was known as Harold. It's worth noting that there are no additional details on his brother's CWGC entry.

I suppose he must be in there somewhere though!

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Have you checked pension records, possible non-com?



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