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Remembered Today:

Training at Etaples as a Gunner

Brent Tandy

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My grandfather was a signaller of gunner rank with the 1st Brigade 3rd Battery NZFA. He did a stint at Etaples of 3 weeks (after 6 weeks training at the artillery camp at Ewshot) from 22 November 1917 until the 14th December 1917 before being sent to the front. As a gunner would he have under gone standard training at Etaples to prepare him for trench warfare or some specific training related to artillery? I ask because he was camped in the NZ Infantry General Base Depot. I assume that it was normal for all different units/services to camp at Etaples before going tot he field and the the fact it was call the NZIGBD didn't mean it was only for the Infantry?

Many thanks, Brent

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