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Indian Pattern Waterbottles

Joe Sweeney

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Does anyone have a picture of an Indian Pattern waterbottle?

I had thought that some-one like TM had posted pictures of these in use in Mespot. If I remember correctly they had a greater width but looked shorter (and possibly Aluminum) than the home service pattern??? Similar to some Officer Patterns.

I ask because the Regulations for the Equipment of the Army 1912 goes into a fair bit of detail on units proceeding to India--then turning in Home Service Patterns (with carrier) at Bombay--which would be re-issued in kind at departure from India.

The Regs were quite clear that all troops were to get India Pattern while in India (this being pre-war Reg not sure how well it continued with the influx of TF soldiers in 1914).

Joe Sweeney

Off course I should have gone to Karkee web to answer my question:


I had initailly just looked at the Waterbottle section, but in doing a google search hit the right page.

Also Vistorian Wars Forum for earlier types that maybe one and same for Great War:


Joe Sweeney

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It's amazing how things get around. The Victorian Wars topic also shows a bottle that used to be mine and which went to a friend in the USA several years ago. Here's another photo of it, pre-digital from when I owned it. 1Gr is First Glosters, sent to South Africa from India in 1899. As officially ordered, the removable wooden peg had been driven into the pewter stopper and cut off, though it now seems to have made its way back out!


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I thought I'd resurrect this thread by the late great Joe as I've just bought an India pattern water bottle. Unfortunately it is without strap and does not have the a carrier (both of which I presume are extremely rare). 


Would I be right in thinking that British units in Mesopotamia who has come from India would have, in some instances,  been equipped with these bottles or was it just the Indian units.?






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Interesting find Jonathan.


My inference from Joe's posting is that, theoretically, they would have reverted to 03/ 08 patterns on leaving India.


That said, we see things from India that should have been left behind turning up in the EEF/ MEF and on the Western Front, so I'd never say never.





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