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Scarborough December 1914 - Identity of location please?!


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I would appreciate it if anyone could identify the location in this image which was taken on 17.12.14 - the morning after the naval bombardment by the German capital ships, This comes from one of three surviving negatives from a defunkt newspaper which is now part of another collection. The image is subject to copyright and normally I would only show a section of it, but it wouldn't be possible to see anything. I have asked about other negs in the past and you have all been so helpful. The gap in proceedings is due to the unhelpful invasion of a brain disease which is making my life less than amusing at the moment, but the work goes on - because there are bills to pay etc. All help with this image will be gratefully received. I have to get this whole project finished by the end of 2013. There are hundreds more to scan. I won't make any money from it, someone else will. I do it for the love of it and the hope that although these images are commercially owned, they will see some light - because for the last fifty odd years they have not. Cheers!



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The damage was reported in the Scarborough Pictorial on 23rd December 1914

- St Nicholas Cliff. Four buildings hit including the Grand hotel.

- St Thomas Walk. 1 house hit.

- Castle Road. 6 houses hit.

- Queen street. The wesleyan Chapel hit.

- St Nicholas St. Several buildings including the Royal Hotel and Marshal and Snelgrove

- Westborough. 4 buildings damaged.

- King Street. The holiday camp and Health offices.

- Harley Street. 1 house damaged.

- Albermarle Crescent. Slight damage by 1 shell.

- Falsgrave Road 13 houses suffered mostly window damage.

- York Place. 13 of the 21 houses had their windows shattered.

- West square. 2 houses damaged and 7 had windows shattered.

- The Crescent. 2 houses damaged and several had window shattered.

- Belvoir Terrace. 1 house hit and others suffered broken windows.

- Londsborough Road. 1 house badly damaged.

- Bedford Street. 1 house practically destroyed.

- Wrea St. 1 house had roof damaged.

- Hanover Road. Waverley Hotel and the confectioners suffered window damage.

- Victoria Road. Lots of damage to windows.

- North Marine road. 2 Houses damaged.

- South Foreshore. The Neptune House was it. The Grand Restaurant was badly damaged. The Grand Picture House and the Olympia picture house were both damaged. The Confectioners was also hit.

- Dean Road. The Workhouse was hit by a shell.

- Rutland Terrace. 1 house hit.

- Elders Street. 1 house hit.

- Somerset Terrace. 1 house roof damaged.

- North Street. 2 houses hit by shells.

- Mayville Avenue. 2 houses hit one was reduced to ruins.

- Roscoe Street The Cab Proprietor had a horse killed.

- Wykeham Street 1 house reduced to rubble with three people killed. Four other houses had windows shattered.

- St Johns road. 1 house badly hit.

- St Johns Avenue. 2 houses damaged.

- Commercial Street. 3 houses damaged.

- Stepney Avenue. 5 houses damaged. 3 others windows shattered

- Stepney Road. 5 houses damaged including Dr E Hollings of Willow Dene and Captain John Hirst of Mrytle Bank.

- Alexandra Park a newly constructed house badly damaged.

- Oxford St 1 house damaged.

- Tindall Street 17 houses suffered window damage.

- Sherwood Street. Damage to Mrs Morlands warehouse and showroom. Practically every house in the street suffered from the bombardment.

- Goods Station. Damage to a house,signal box and Goods yard.

- Electric Light Works. Minor damage.

- Park Avenue. 1 house damaged.

- Prospect Road. Shell went through Mr Merryweathers shoip. Houses nearby were damaged. Corn Merchant had house and shop damaged. Several others had damage especially windows damage.

- Spring Bank. No 1 had its front completely blown away.

- Filey Road. A number of houses were hit.

- Esplanade. Councilor Whites boarding house was hit. 2 Other houses were damaged. 1 other suffered window damage.

- Albion Road. Albert House was damaged. There was terrible damage to Montpellier boarding house. The Chemist was damaged. Leonard Ellis died here. The house next door was damaged too.

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Thanks to all. The poor quality version is probably a repeat in Illustrated War News which was by the same publisher. This negative is from the archive of the Daily Sketch and the Daily Graphic which is now owned by Times Newspapers Ltd. Sadly a greater part of the First World War collection was destroyed by...the Luftwaffe. But a lot of very interesting material is still with us. The biggest hole is 1916 for which the second half is almost entirely missing.

Thanks again.


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Ever optimistic - I have managed to scan the other two surviving negatives, though sadly one is a copy negative. I believe we also have some prints taken by Ulrich van den Bogaerde in Hartlepool from the same raid, so I need to find those. He became Art editor of The Times - a pioneering newspaper picture editor of massive influence, he introduced photography to The Thunderer and his son Derek became something of a famous actor once he'd changed his name to Dirk. I'll get on to that. Anyway, if anyone can help with locations for these, I'd be grateful once again. The slightly smarter house has a number 14 on the door!

Many thanks



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