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Derby Scheme Armbands


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In Tom Tulloch-Marshall's very informative On War Service badge article, he refers to the Board for Ag & Fish issuing green armlets with red crown to women working on the land.

How did these differ from the so-called 'Derby Scheme' armbands we encounter?

Or were they the same?

Or are the 'Derby Scheme' armbands in fact a myth, and all those knocking around and called such are actually Land Girls' armlets?

Best wishes,


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Derby Scheme armbands are certainly not myth! The Derby Scheme armlet was khaki with a red felt crown (but with some difference between those attested to the Army and the RN?), not to be confused with a similar looking brassard issued to members of the Volunteer Training Corps (VTC) (red cloth with black letters "GR" which later changed to khaki with red cloth letters "GR" from January 1917 - hence the VTC nickname "Gorgeous Wrecks"!).

I am aware that there is a third variant which has a scarlet crown and "GR" on khaki - Derby Scheme or VTC, I'm not sure!

Perhaps a fellow Pal who has one in their collection could post a picture?

Hope this helps


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I Have & I Will!!![One of each[2 x Land Army{Green & Red} & WW1 Derby{Khaki & Red Crown}] :blink:

I Have!

The Green Land Army Brassard,belonged to a WW1 B of T;Land Army Girl who had been a Pen friend of a Scottish RFA Officer,who had been billeted @ her village in Suffolk,I have a pile of her Letters & his replies & her Brass Board of Trade Lapel Badge{Not the WW2 Type but an Oval version~I will post a picture of that too}


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The Reverse of the Derby Brassard showing army Council Stamping [see next posting for "Q" & Issue number.]


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Brassard Detail Reverse.{2}

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