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Private James W. Oatham - Royal Welsh Fusiliers/44 Machine Gun Company


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Pte J.W. Oatham has the following regimental numbers:

Royal Welsh Fusiliers 35038

MGC 14381

I see that 44 MGC went to France in Feb 1916 to join 44 Bde in 15 Division.

I am presuming this chap went to the RWF first before the MGC - anyone any idea from these numbers about approximate dates?

Thanks, Peter

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MGC appears above RWF on his MIC, Peter - so I would have thought it was the other way around. Also, he was apparently only entitled to the duo (can't find a Star card), indicating he didn't go abroad before 1 January 1916 - not giving much time to fit the RWF service in if he was to be with MGC that February. However, his medals are on the MGC rolls and I thought they normally appeared on the roll for the final regiment.

So I'm confused!

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  • Admin

The surrounding men are the same - I wonder if the same clerk made the cards and did so with the most recent service at the top rather than at the bottom.

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