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Good morning,

I am researching a man of 4th Coy AOC who died of wounds on 3.7.1917

The local paper reported that he was killed by shrapnel from an air raid "whilst behind the lines, resting"

At least 2 others died of wounds in the same incident, and the only clue is that they are all buried in Aire Communal Cemetery. (None of the 3 men have any records surviving)

One of these DOW on the 2nd and the other two on the 3rd so I think the air raid took place on, or just before, 1st or 2nd July?

I can't find any diaries for the AOC - could anyone throw any more light on this incident, particularly as to where it took place? (presumably not too far from Aire?)

Also this man has a very low service number - O/096, and was reported in the same local paper as having joined up at the outbreak of the war and had been in France for nearly 3 years with little leave. Yet his medal card does not credit him with a 1914 or 1915 Star. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for any help! BillyH.

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Hi Billy

all i have is that he died of wounds and 4th coy, he has a 14 star but you have read is number wrong its 01096, not 0/096, that is a common mistake to make with war enlisted men for the AOC ie 0/096, 01096, 011096, catches me out all the time, if you drop me a pm with your e-mail i can send you copies of the medal rolls, have not seen his medals for sale but only been keeping trace of them for about 10 years


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Thanks for the very useful response!

It got me double checking, and as you suggested there is confusion everywhere :-

CWGC has him as O/096

SDGW has him as 01096 (which I had believed was probably a transcription error on their part)

Local paper has 01096

Headstone has 01096

All the above are DEFINITELY my man, and I have the medal card for 01096 (correct name) but NO14/15Star on my copy and I can't find a card for O/096 on Ancestry!

I have PM'd you with my e-mail address, thanks for any help, BillyH.


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This gets curiouser, I have now found 2 medal cards - both to 01096 AOC

One just credits him with BWM + VM and the second with only the '14 Star with qualifying date.

I presume the 2nd one is a revised card, but why not list all 3 medals on it?

I've heard that sometimes men have 2 medal cards, so perhaps it's not unusual?


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It's relatively common for 14 Stars to be on separate cards (this medal was authorised earlier than the others I think)

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