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Which Wilfred Owen home would you most like to visit?


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It's now Summer (believe it or not); a time when most of us turn into tourists and some of us want to go to places with Great War connections. This is for Wilfred Owen fans.

Which of his Homes would you most like to visit?

1.The Birthplace – Plas Wilmot in Oswestry where he was born & spent his first four years;

2.Mahim – His family home in Shrewsbury for the last decade of his life, to which most of his war letters were sent;

3.Wilfred's Last Home = The Smoky Cellar of the Maison Forestiere at Ors in France where his last letter was written;

4.Other (please specify);

5.None – I'd rather read his poems on the beach/in the garden/in a darkened room etc.

Please note that neither Plas Wilmot nor Mahim are currently open to visitors.

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I have been to his smoky cellar and have wandered around Dunsden many times. I would like to visit the places in Bordeaux and nearby where he lived- I have never been to that region.


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Before his death Graham Maddox introduced me to the man who lived in Owens house in Birkenhead and very generously showed me round, the house now has a Blue Plaque outside, further down the hill is the house that the Owens lived in on first moving to Birkenhead there is quit a difference in the two properties.

All the best,


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