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Finding and Reading Somme Maps


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Reading the War Diaries of the NZFA 2nd Brigade, they note references that I would like to see on a map.

On 29th September 1916 they repositioned the batteries in the area of Flers - d'Eaucourt Abbey.

From the Diary "HIGHWOOD 29 Sept 1916"

"Work progressing on new positions as follows:-

2nd Bty M 36 b 35

5th Bty M 30 d 1½.1¼

9th Bty M 36 a 5.2

6th How S 4 d 4.0 "

I have seen http://www.westernfrontassociation.com/great-war-mapping/mapping-the-front-great-war-maps-dvd/great-war-map-lists/855-read-a-trenchmap.html How to read a Trench Map so have some idea of what I need.

Can I presume this would probably be Map 57C SW? (SW as letters M and S would be in this sector)

Can someone interpret or confirm this data for me please?

I am finding that the maps at McMaster University, http://lt1.mcmaster.ca/ww1/wrz4mp.php?grid=57c no longer seem to be available. Is there any other on-line source?

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Hi scorpion. McMaster seems to be not working, has happened before recently. I think they are working on the site, but keep trying and it will reappear. I too have not quite cracked map co-ordinates, but am just about there. i think practise makes perfect. Some good advice on this thread, on the CEF Forum


Cheers Mike

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Using linesman I'd place these positions on the map attached west of Flers with the Howitzer Battery just east of High Wood. I know it's naff quality but it's the only way in which it can be attached. If you'd like a better version please message me an email address and I'll send you a better copy.

Kind regards



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Thanks Colin, even at that quality it is a great help.

And thanks skipman, I will keep trying McMaster and hopefully it will come right eventually!!!

Cheers all


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