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Lieutenant Colonel CTW Forth, 5th Connaught Rangers, late 30th Punjab


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While researching this officer who had spent his whole service life in the Indian Army, retired almost immediately before the Great War began but was recalled and rebadged as Connaught Ranger in 1914. He was a senior Major in the battalion in August 1914. He finished the war as Lt. Colonel.

That's all I know. I just bought his sword (which comes with a nice locket photo) and the above is all I have on him.

Can anyone fill the gaps for me please?

Many thanks!



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See page 1960 Non Effective Officers Indian Army of the Official Army List April 1909:

FORTH Clarence Thomas Willougby - date of substantive rank as Major 6 May 1903.

Date of retirement 1 November 1907.

See page 585 of War Services of Officers of the Army 1920;

FORTH C.T.W.(Lt.Col. ret'd Indian Army)

Lushai Expedition 1890-91 - medal with clasp

Operations in Chitral 1895 - with relief force - medal with clasp.

There is no specific mention of Great War Service in the above short entry - nor is there an entry for him in War Services of Officers 1922.

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Hello Philip,

Thank you very much for this! The awards you cite fit exactly with the medals on his photo.

There is an entry on a thread somewhere on the 5th Connaughts which cite his calling up from the RARO and duly he is shown on the muster role of this battlion as of August 1914. I suspect he became a Lt. Col during the Great War. This is correct?

Thank you

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I just found this entry from Armorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 2) by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies


FORTH, Gentleman, Lieut. 2nd Monmouthshire Regt.

Bom 30 Oct., 1905, being the only son of Lieut.-Col.

Clarence Thomas Willoughby Forth, late 1st Battn.

(88th) Connaught Rangers and 30th Punjabis, late of

Glenageary, co. Dublin, who saw service on the frontiers

of India and in the Great War (two Frontier Medals of

India and two clasps inscribed " Looshar 1890-91, and

" Relief of Chitral 1895," British War Medal and Victory

Medal), and was for three years Member of the Urban

District Council of Kingstown, co. Dublin, the Grand

Orange Lodge of Ireland, and the Grand Orange Lodge

of co Dublin, and Vice President and Hon. Secretary

of several of the principal organisations for the mainten-

ance of the Union, by his wife, Married 22 June 1897,

Gwendoline May Frederica, eld. d. of Frederick William

Clay of Meadowbank, Terenure, and Willowdale,

Kingstown, co. Dublin, by his wife Emily, d. of Richard

White O'Donovan, Leitrim Rifles, of Carrick-on-

Shannon ; who was the son of Col. Alfred Charles Forth,

bom 17 May, 1834, and died at Paris 26 June, 1906 ;

eldest son of Hon. Frederick Henry Alexander Forth,

bom 11 Feb. 1808, Capt. 75th Foot now 1st Gordon

Highlanders, and 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers, Lieut.-

Gov in West Indies and Member of the Legislative

Council, Col. Secretary and Col. Treasurer Hong-Kong,

who with his younger brother His Excellency Baron

Forth-Rouen des Mallets, Envoy Extraordinary and

Minister Plenipotentiary from Louis Phillippe, King of

the French, to several of the courts of Europe, were the

sons of Nathaniel Parker Forth, Esq., Special Envoy

from George III to the Courts of Versailles and Madrid,

bom at Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, 27 July 1744 ; married

26 April 1804, (died 26 May, 1864), d. and co-heir of

John Petrie, of Gatton Park, Surrey; and Chateau d'Enn,

Pontoise, France, Deputy Lieutenant of Surrey, M.P. for

Gatton (1795-1800), and in 1806 Member of the

Constituent Assembly of France under Napoleon, and died

at Paris 28 April 1809 ; son of Captain Samuel Forth,

Sovereign of Longford, bom 1691 ; and died 1761 ; eld.

son of Captain Samuel Forth, of Wolseley's Regiment of

Horse, High Sheriff of co. Longford 1704, who was

attainted by James II and twice severely wounded

fighting for William III in the Enniskillen, Boyne and

Aughrim campaigns, and died 19 Nov. 1706. Armorial

bearings (Granted by William Hawkins, Ulster King of

Arms, 13 April, 1698, to Captain Samuel Forth of

Wolseley's Regiment of Horse)— Ermine, the harp of

Ireland or, between three martlets gules. Mantling

gules and argent. Crest— Upon a wreath of the colours

a naked dexter arm couped and embowed, the hand

holding a broken sword and encircled above the elbow

with a ducal coronet all proper. Mottoes — " Deus arma

ministrat " ; and " Le fort ne se soumettra jamais." Livery

Dress : White coat and waistcoat, with scarlet facings,

scarlet breeches, silver buttons, garters and buckles

Undress : Light drab coat and overcoat, with scarlet

collar and cuffs, silver buttons and hatband, white and

scarlet striped waistcoat. Residence— Longford Lodge

Sidcup, Kent.

I think before he was posted to the 30th, his intial Regiment was the 88th.

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I see, so he left the 5th Connaughts to do this. I didn't think at his age he would be posted overseas.

Thank you

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Page 60 of the February 1915 Army List has him listed under Commands and Staff:Railway Transport Officers (graded as Staff Captains)

FORTH Major C.T.W., ret.Ind.Army as an RTO graded as Staff Captain wef 31 Dec.1914.

FORTH is listed page 2517 in the Army List for July 1915 - Non-Effective Officers:

FORTH Major C.T.W, ret.Ind.Army 6 May 1909.

My only other Army List for the Great War is August 1914 and FORTH is not listed.

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Hi Philip,

Here is the link to where I saw Forth's name on the Muster of the 5th Connaughts. Is it correct?


Recruit training was complete. All men of the Battalion who had not been guilty of misbehaviour were granted free warrants to their homes for 7 days to those domiciled in England, and for 6 days to those domiciled in Ireland, as a special concession during the Christmas leave period. 11 Dec 1914.

They had to take their rifle on leave with a certain number of rounds.

5 week course of Company training under their own Officers and NCO's started 18 Dec 1914

All companies had completed musketry training before the end of 1914

The Battalion strength was, 41 Officers, 1 Warrant Officer, 96 NCO's, 800 trained men and 173 Recruits.

Total all ranks 1,111 9 Jan 1915

In Command Major Jonrdain, (temp. Lt.-Col.) H. F. N

Major 2nd in Command. Bell, A. W. I, Res, of Off.

Major Forth, C. T. W., r e t. Ind. Army

Major Nolan-Ferrall, H . J. (temp.) (Capt. Conn. Rang.)

Captain. Money, N. C. K., 22 Punjabis

Captain Hog, A. S Res. of Off.

Captain Callaghan, G. F

Captain Armstrong, Sir A. H. Bt. (temp.) (Hon. Lt .in Army)

Captain Webber, A. (temp.)

Captain Burke, F .C. (temp.)

Lieutenant Massy, G. J B.E

Lieutenant Lewis,. S. H

Lieutenant Burke. J. H. N. H.. Reserve Of Officers.

Lieutenant O'Connor, E. (temp.)

Lieutenant Bond, B. W. (temp.)

Lieutenant Martin, R. R. (temp.)

Lieutenant Blake, A. J. W. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Kelly, D. P. J. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Charlton, F. J. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant O'Grady, de C. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Acton, O. H. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Cartmel-Robinson, J. W. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Lee, G. B. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Tweedy, O. M. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Kearney, A. J. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Mahony, A. S t (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Martin, T. S. P. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Mortimer, G. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Fogarty, M. G. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Godber, H. T. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Kean, T. A. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Holmes, A. C (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Shaw, R. J. H. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Johnson, T. W. G. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Bennett, G. R. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Cowan, D. J. (temp.)

2nd Lieutenant Harvey, C. F .B.{temp.)

Adjutant Lieutenant Mallng, (temporary Captain.)H. B. W

Quarter Master Lieutenant Farrell P

Battalion training started in Dublin 18 Jan 1915

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Thanks for the link - I am not an expert on the Connaught Rangers - for there are others in this forum who will have studied the movements of their different Battalions. However when it comes to the 5th (Service) Bn. Connaught Rangers there is a useful three page write up on them in British Regiments at Gallipoli by Ray Westlake. FORTH is not listed by Westlake as one of the officers who embarked on the Bornu on the 5th July 1915. MONEY and NOLAN-FERRALL are listed as Majors for the 5th July 1915..

An earlier post implies a medal entitlement of BWM and VM - had he gone to Gallipoli then he would have had the 14-15 Star.

His medal index card confirms the date of entry to theatre - France 2.6.16 hence the BWM and VM - his file if it has survived at NA's may confirm why he did not embark with the 5th Service Bn for Gallipoli.

The link you sent me refered to a stringent medical examination in April 1915 which removed all those who were considered too old or infirm for active service, and they were sent to the reserve battalions of their unit. The clues as to what happened to FORTH between April 1915 and June 1916 are to be found in the monthly Army Lists for that period.

As far as the accuracy of any link is concerned - its always best to go back to original sources - namely the Regimental History and War Diaries as appropriate.

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Colonel Jourdain later wrote account of his time Ranging Memories (published in 1934). Might be worth l;ooking at.

Charles M

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Thank you Gentlemen......I had learned a lot these last few days.

Warm Regards


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I think quite a lot of retired officers came out of the woodwork to help train the service battalions - not all of them fit enough to actually go into combat.

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Looking at Forth's age, he was only under 60 so I would guess because of a health situation he did not get to command his 30th Punjabis. Interestingly his BWM and Victory shows his rank Lt Col. Connaughts, so it shows he did not leave the establishment of the 5th though he moved to France aftet 1915.

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