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Discharge under KR 392 (xxv) - His services being no longer required


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I came across a service record of a man (apparant age 19) who enlisted in the RFA in Jan 1916 but by May 1916 was discharged under King's Regulations 392 (xxv) - his services being no longer required.

Can anyone please offer up potential reasons for discharging a man under this paragraph.



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See http://www.military-....com/KR392.html then click on the services no longer required for the full explanation.

Probably proved ineffective during training due to being unfit but could not be discharged under 'normal' conditions because unfitness was not sustained during his period of service (in other words someone failed to spot it when he was enlisted).

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(xxv) His services being no longer required -

In India .. ..

At home or abroad

Boy whom, owing to misconduct, it is considered desirable to discharge.

Brigade commander. G.O.C.-in-C.

In India - Brigade commander. Else-

where - G.O.C.-in-C.

O.C. O.C. O.C.

Only applicable to:- (a) Soldier who cannot be

discharged under any

other heading. (B) Boy.

Applications will be submitted on A.F. B 130, accompanied by full particulars and copies of conduct sheets.

If the man is to be sent home, his discharge documents will be sent with him for confirmation by the G.O.C. at the port of disembarkation, or by the commandant, discharge depôt.

The officer who authorizes the discharge will decide whether the soldier should lose his gratuity under Article 1117 (i) (h) of the Pay Warrant.

The decision will be stated by the C.O. on A.F. B 268 after the No. and date of the authority for discharge.


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Thanks for the link to the guide. I guess I was struggling to find a reason that was not covered by all the other clauses in KR 392. He never went abroad and AFB 130 is not in the record so I guess we'll never know in this particular case.


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Since the applicable notes to the guide say

"A soldier who, during a period of war or demobilization is brought forward for discharge as surplus to military requirement(owing to beuing surplus for the time to the requirements of men in certain medical categories) whom the medical board (civil or military) consider as fit for a medical category but not eligible for discharge under class (xvia), becasuse he has not suffered impairment since his entry into military service :-

a] If discharged, is to be discharged under class (xxva)

b] If transfered to the Reserve, is to be transferred to class W., or W.(T). and if subsequently discharged while in the Reserve will be discharged under class (xxva)

The medical board will recatagorize the man whether he is to be discharged or transferred to the reserve"

It seems clear that it is a case of unfitness not caused by his service.

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