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Ingleborough Injustice

Guest Scipio

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Guest Scipio

A little bit of 'sign of the times' disrespect to share with you. There's too much of it around... so help challenge it please.

"In 1926 the Ingleborough Road Playing Fields in Birkenhead, Wirral Peninsular in the north west of England,

were dedicated as a living War Memorial to the memory of 88 pupils of the Birkenhead Institute, among them Wilfred

Owen the Poet, who died during the First World War. Now the memorial has fallen into the hands of the developers

and is about to have houses built on it. This was intended as a Community area in which people could remember

those to whom we owe our freedom today.

If you can help in any to spread the word about this so that we can have as much support as possible, we would be very grateful.

There is a Facebook page: Ingleborough Road Memorial Cause - that can be joined.

For further information, please contact dean johnson on deanjohnsonmusic@hotmail.com

More information also here:


Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,

Lucy & Paul

throughthenet@gmail.com "

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If I've read the online newspaper article correctly, this is land privately owned by Tranmere Rovers Football Club, rather than community owned land. Difficult to know what to do in those circumstances as the article also suggests that many local people are in favour of the development as it will bring much needed income to the Club.

Assuming that the company wishes to dispose of it, what are the objectors own plans for maintaining the site as a community resource. Presumably, if they have sufficient support, they could raise the money to buy the land themselves. The organisation, Fields in Trust, may be able to advise (it "owns" a number of playing fields around the country, including land of a local cricket club which my grandfather helped to form)

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Although I understand the injustice felt about this the fact that the proposed development as local support and i suspect the high cost of buying the land for a trust (I presume at least outline planning permission as been granted) I feel that it will be a forlorn hope to hope that the memorial is retained in its present form.

Perhaps a better plan would be to canvas the local authority planners, Tranmere Rovers and the developers to erect or include on the walls of one of the new buildings a memorial to the 88 persons that are commemorate.


For example if it is for dwellings if there are 88 or more each house could be named after one of the 88 former pupils; if being developed for industrial use a combination of named streets and buildings could be used. |

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