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I recently aquired documents that had the signatures of the Kaiser and his son, in the package was these other items, could anyone throw any light to what they say and who wrote them.?





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Card 1

It might help with identification if you could show us the photo, because I can't quite read the signature!

The message is "Herzlicken Dank für die freundlichen Glückwünsche, Ihr ...", Warmest thanks for your kind wishes/congratulations, yours ...

The card is no earlier than about 1925. The photographer's stamp is that of Sieglinde Sammet of Moritzhöfen 29, Bayreuth, who started her business in 1921, but didn't adopt the name Sieglinde until about 1925 (she was born Eva Louise Lene Gunda Anna Babette!). She was a popular portrait photographer, particularly among visitors to and performers at the Bayreuth Festival (hence perhaps her preference for a Wagnerian name!), until 1940, when she committed suicide, aged 42.

Card 2

is a fundraising card for the drill hall/clubhouse of the paramilitary Stahlhelm league in Oels (Oesler Stahlhelmheim), printed around 1926 if it's the same card as mentioned (but not illustrated) at http://de.picclick.c...0584655664.html


The message reads:

Lieber Herr Deutmann! Aus Ihrer Meldung ersehe ich zu meiner Freude daß Sie nach der ?Hand-Operation und ihren Complikationen wieder hergestellt sind. Hoffentlich bleiben Sie nun künftig dem Messer der Chirurgen verschont und erholen sich bald und vollends von Ihren verschiedenen Attaquen. Mit besten Grüßen


Major von Müller

Dear Mr Deutmann, From your message I am pleased to see that you are now restored after the operation on your ?hand and its complications. I hope that you will be spared the surgeon's knife in future and that you will make a quick and complete recovery from your various ailments. With kind regards, yours Major von Müller.

I guess this is Otto von Müller, Major in 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß and on the General Staff in WW1, aide and adviser to Kronprinz (Friedrich) Wilhelm after the war (and, apparently, member of the German tennis team at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics!). The Kronprinz was also in 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß, as all Prussian princes were traditionally commissioned into the regiment on their 10th birthdays.

The connection with 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß continues on the next card.

Card 3

Addressed to: Semper-talis-Gruppe, i.H. Schmale, Eckeseyerstr. 114, Hagen in Westfalen, Deutschland.

Semper talis was the motto of 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß, and the name of its veterans' association, so it's addressed to a Mr Schmale at the Hagen Group/branch of the Semper-talis-Bund. http://www.semper-talis-bund.de/

The year is illegible in the postmark, but the red 7 1/2 cent stamp was used from 1926-39 (before that it was yellow).

The message is a bit strange, and I'm not sure I've interpreted it correctly:

Die besten Grüße Sr U Ihrer Majetet [sic] und meiner ?Weingläser mit Semper talis

Regards from His and Her Majesty and my ?wineglasses with semper talis

Perhaps the writer has had too much wine?

Along the top: besten Gruß an Fam. Schmale = best wishes to the Schmale family.

The signature looks like Sellinghoff, and there is a Josef Sellinghoff listed in the Prussian casualty lists on Ancestry (list 306 of 20/8/1915), slightly wounded serving with 6. Kompanie, 1. Garde-Reserve-Regiment. He's just a Private (Reservist), but he came from Waltrop, which is not far from Hagen.

Card 4

Dated 1931. Signature looks very much like Prinz Wilhelm, and it's a postard from the Hohenzolern's Cecilienhof Palace in Potsdam, but not sure if this is the Kronprinz (Friedrich) Wilhelm - who had renounced his claim to the throne, so wasn't really a Crown Prince any more - or his eldest son - Prinz William (1906-40).

The message reads: Herzlichen Dank für die freundl[iche]n Neujahrswünsche, die ich aufrichtig erwidere. Prinz Wilhelm. = Warmest thanks for your kind New Year wishes, which I sincerely reciprocate.

The card is addressed to Herrn Deutmann (same chap as card 2), Berlin W[est] 8, Unter den Linden 36. The building now houses the Berlin studios of TV channel ZDF.

Hope this helps!


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Other side of cards

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Thanks so much for your help.

Ken (Australia)




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