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Guest David Hughes

Calling all you experts out there

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Guest David Hughes

My grandad Private Robert Hughes 11020 was in the 6th Batallion South Lancs Regt. I'd really appreciate some help in understanding his MIC, which I got recently from PRO:

(i) the line that gives Corps-Rank-Regt No (in grandad's case 6/S LAN R -Pte -11020) is repeated on the second line. I know that he was wounded in Gallipoli and went back to England to recover, so might the second line mean that he went back to his regiment having recovered?

(ii) there are two references to medal rolls: J/1/103B5 or 103135 page 1001 for Victory and British Medals, and J/1/1131 or 1B1 page 100 for 15 STAR. What does that all mean?

(iii) "Theatre of War first served in" says 2B/Balkans. What does that mean exactly? I know grandad was at Gallipoli in 1915, so does this mean somewhere in particular?

(iv) "Date of entry therein" says 1/7/15. Does that mean when grandad arrived in Gallipoli, and if so is that likely to mean that he landed at Helles (the place I associate with that date) with his battalion?

(v) finally, under "Remarks" it says Class Z 26/4/19. I think that means he was placed on army reserve. Can somebody confirm that, and what did it mean exactly?

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Hello David

Here goes. Well, you've got it pretty well spot on.

(i) duplication: you will need to check the actual medal rolls to see if he had more than one spell with the battalion.

(ii) these codes refer to the rolls. The rolls are large volumes, containing many pages each listing several soldiers. The soldiers entry gives the unit(s) with which he served, and occasionally additional details. They are accessible at the National Archives, where there is a key to turn the codes on the MIC into the appropriate WO329 reference number there.

(iii) Balkans means Gallipoli or Salonika, no more than that.

(iv) Normally date of disembarkation.

(v) He was discharged to Class Z Army Reserve on that date. He returned to civialian life, and was subject to call up if reuired for another 12 months. This was the standard route out of the army for wartime volunteers.

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To clarify a bit on point (i) Duplication. The service details entered on the MIC were for the guidance of the person naming his medals. On MICs of men entitled only to the BWM/VIC pair this would be a single line, except for those who transferred to another Regt or Corps: their entry would have an additionally line to cover each of these changes. However one entry would have a cross or similar mark against it to indicate which set of details was to be put onto the medals.

The duplication of the same service details is explained as your grandad also earned a star. The top row represents his service details on entering his first theatre of war (2b) which earned him the 1914-15 Star. The second row therefore relates to those details to be entered onto his pair. If the second row is an exact copy of the first it is usual to have 'ditto' marks used to indicate the same details are to be marked onto his pair. If there is a change in rank for example, then often only this will be highlighted, the remainder indicated again by 'ditto' marks. I would think that it is not too common to see the full entry duplicated.



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steve fuller

Hi again Dave

(From 6th's diary) July 1915.

7th. Moved to Mudros ad from there landed at W Beach, Helles.

Served in Gully Ravine sector with units of 29th and 42nd Divisions (source; Westlake)

So, landed at W Beach (I have maps if youd like to see where W beach was) on 7/7/15.

May have been 8th, as my relative (and others Ive seen) stepped onto Gallipoli the day after his MIC said; Mudros seems to be the 'entry point' rather than the peninsula when it comes to entry dates, but Im sure thats not ALWAYS the case :rolleyes:

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