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Baranovitchi Offensive info

James A Pratt III

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I am looking for information on the failed Baranovitchi Offensive of 1916 carried out by the western Front. i am looking for OOB information on both sides and accounts of this battle. thanks in advance.

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Ivan [ aka John ]

No :) the offensive took place on the Eastern Front of the First World War, but the offensive was conducted by the Western Front of the Russian Army. In Russian (and Soviet) armed forces army groups were called "Fronts".

As far as ODBs are concerned, try Reichsarchiv: Der Weltkrieg, I'll try to find which volume is needed.

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Thanks for the help Waldo. i searched the Haithi trust but they say no match found. This book does look interesting and I am interested in looking at it even though my german is really poor. Do you have the authors full name that might help.

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It is part of the "Schlachten" series. Maybe that's why it did not come up. Here's the link:


Unfortunately, the maps at the end are still folded in the pocket. Maybe someone on the forum could copy the maps & post them to this thread. There is a Russian translation on the Web that has some maps (in Russian).



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