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Remembered Today:

German war memorial about to be demolished


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Thanks for posting, Nigel.


I'll try and have a first hand look next time I'm in the area.



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Thanx again Nigel for the latest pictures.


the total cost for renovation sums up to 275000€. the German Government participated with 50000€. The rest comes from the French Gevernment, regional government to include the department and the city of Sedan. Also a public fundraising brought up substantial contributions.

It took 100 years to overcome certain pecularities - Well done!

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The inscription is in a beautiful (Art Nouveau/Art Deco) font and (thus?) not easy to read, but here it is :


Kämpfend für Kaiser und Reich, nahm Gott uns die irdische Sonne ;

Jetzt vom Irdischen frei, strahlt uns sein ewiges Licht.

Heilig die Stätte, die ihr durch blutige Opfer geweiht habt!

Dreimal heilig für uns durch das Opfer des Danks


And my feeble attempt at a translation


While fighting for King and Country, God took from us our earthly sun.

Now free from earthly bonds, its/his eternal light shines brightly upon us.  

Sacred are the sites that you have consecrated with your blood!

Thrice sacred to us by the sacrifice of thanks.


German text by Joseph von Lauff


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  • 11 months later...

The Secretary of State for the Armed Forces, Geneviève Darrieussecq, inaugurated this Monday the restored German monument in the cemetery Saint-Charles. This file has long been controversial.


That is most fitting.


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Very much so,

Good to see a fitting conclusion.

Thanks to all.


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