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I have, in my family papers, letters home from my wifes great-uncle who was wounded on Monday 23rd October 1916 while asleep in his marquee at Trones Wood. In one letter he describes how he beleives he escaped the shell's explosion and that several of the men around him died. One of the dead was his captain who "had his hand blown through his chest". Does anyone know of an easy way to identify this officer?

Best wishes


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Chris, Many thanks for speedy reply. Yes, I agree he's a contender (I've looked him up on the CWGC website), can you tell me how you arrived at his name please?


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Hi Brian.

He's the only officer on the Soldiers Died, CD Rom, that is recorded for the regiment concerned, who died on that day. But a word of caution, the data base gets things wrong (as most of the Pals will agree), but , it's a starting point!

I'll have a look tomorrow, see if i can turn up a few bits on your man.

All the best Brian.


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