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Royal Engineers 457th Field Coy


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My Great Grandfather served with the 457th Field company which was attached to the 62nd West Riding Division. However I have a Christmas card he sent to my Grandfather (then a boy of 10) which is a 17th Division one for Christmas 1919. I know the 62nd went to Germany after the war - could the 457th have been transferred - or was it just that he liked the card :D


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Hi Tim,

I am pretty sure they stayed with 62nd Div - maybe, as you say, he just liked the card?

Nice website, by the way.

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Thanks Paul - for years I assumed he had been in the 17th Division.

Thanks for the comments about the website too :D I see you are a CM player. Me too - I have long running PBEM games against a chap in the states. I doubt the game could convert well to WW1 even if it were possible. (Gone slightly off topic there!!)

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Tim Hello.

My Great Uncle, Thomas Batty was in 457th Field Coy 2/1 West Riding - a Sapper RE.

He was killed at Thiepval 1st day of the Somme (Battle of Albert). I am trying to piece together what his unit were up to in the months before this date. I have his diary from 01/01/16 to 01/07/1916 but it is sketchy.

I guess he may have known your Great Grandfather?

Any info/pictures you have would be welcome, or if you could point me in a relevant direction.

Thanks Jeremy

Sapper Thomas Batty, 2719

49th Div, 457th Field Coy, 2/1 (West Riding), No 4 Section, Royal Engineers.

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