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Remembered Today:

True WW1 Stories. compiled by Jon Lewis.

Guest redrum

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A paperback reprint of a 1930 book giving 60 personal accounts of mainly warfare

on the western front covering 1914-18. Graphic and fascinating accounts written soon after the conflict when memories were very fresh.

Costs £7.99 but can be seen occasionally in publisher clearance shops at half this.

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Picked it up at Gatwick Airport, and it became essential reading on the sunbed in Corfu.

What I enjoyed about the book was that many of the accounts were from the ordinary Solider, Sailor, Airman.

As redrum said mainly western front, but there are some intresting accounts from other theaters. The one that sticks in my mind is the sailor who took part in the Zeebruger raid, unfortunaly cannot remember his name as the book has now become essential reading for my father in law.

Well worth a read if you can find it.

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