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Ear protectors

Anthony Pigott

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There are a couple of other threads going connected with hearing / rifle shooting that made me think about the whole issue of ear protectors.

Were they used at all in the Great War?

What are the pros and cons? I can think of a few plausible ones each way, e.g. you can't hear verbal orders so well but you might be much less 'stunned' by shelling. Even if you leave aside the soldiers welfare issue, which probably wasn't uppermost priority, there seems to be an effectiveness one, which probably would be.

As usual, please excuse my ignorance if this seems obvious.



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When I was in the army in the 60's we were issued with flesh-cloured horrible screw-in type ear plugs - too difficult to fit, never used them, NCOs and officers didn't bother if you did or didn't.

Modern foam ones were not around then.

I guess in WW1, they were not interested/or even thought about that sort of thing, just think of the harmful industries that were undertaken, even in peacetime, without much concern for the masses, mining, farming, construction, foundry work etc.

The jolly old Health and Safey Exec would have had a field day.

Sorry I didn't answer you question.



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