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Marne Battlefield


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I am planning to visit the site of an action that took place on 20 July 1918 by 2nd/4th York and Lancaster Regiment (187th Brigade,62nd Division) in the vicinity of

Courmas, Bois de Reims ,Bouilly and Commetrevil Chateau during the second battle of the Marne. During this action my Great Uncle William A Williamson was killed and is buried near by at Bouilly Cross Roads Military Cemetery.

I wondered if: -

1. Anyone have visited the battlefield site or cemetery

2. Does anyone know of a company that run tours in this area

Also would I be right to assume the Second battle of the Marne was predominately a USA/France action with only the British 51st & 62nd Divisions involved.

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I have visited some of these areas in connection with the Royal Sussex; the battlefield is generally as it was, and easy to follow with wartime maps.

I don't know of any tour company that does tours specific to this area - except perhaps Flanders Tours?

Also involved was the 34th Division and 15th (Scottish) Division, with 51st and 62nd. They were all part of XXII Corps, commanded by Gen Sir A.Godley.

If you don't already have it, Paul Greenwood's The Second Battle of the Marne 1918 (Airlife 1998) is useful, and for the only memoir of the battle I know of see I.L.Read Of Those We Loved; he was an officer in 1/4th Royal Sussex.

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Flanders Tours has done Marne tours but not this year or next. The reprinted Michelin Guide to the Marne is quite helpful since almost all old roads are still there.

Tiny village of Mondement is a great 1st Marne visit if you are interested in that also. It is just behind St. Gond Marshes and just ahead of Palins of Aube where there was nothing between French and Paris September 9. There is a huge monument to the defenders including the British who had little to do with the actual battle because of Sir John French. It's between a chateau which Germans took and church which they did not. Quite a place, probably one of the most important of the war, if Germans go through there, who knows but they may well have won then.

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