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Remembered Today:

MIC response to complaint


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I am suitable humbled. I complained on this forum and to the faceless army of workers at the PRO or NA.

I was not chastised, unlike here.

Here is their cool. measured and thoroughly acceptable response.

Thank you for your email and your comments. I have referred them onto my

colleague who has outlined his comments below.

Our policy is to only transcribe what is on the card, if the card is

deficient in information then we are afraid there is very little that can be

done. It is a great pity that the Medal Index Cards do not record these

two soldier's records in a more thorough way but we set out to give access

to the Medal Index cards as they are, and provide brief summaries to assist

the public in accessing these cards. The Medal Index Cards are a record of

"Campaign" medals and not "Gallantry" Medals and the award of the Military

Medal would not be recorded as matter of form although sometimes the clerks

would add such awards to the card. The cards are not perfect and we

always depend on the clerks doing a thorough job but with 5,500,000 or more

cards to fill out it is not surprising that sometimes they are deficient.

The nameless person then went on to describe what could be deduced from the two cards I had paid for...



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