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Scottish Horse question


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Started listing some items on ebayand did some research on the Scottish horse....were there anyother overseas regiments made exclusively for one group of nationals? ...ie was there similar regiments for Irishmen Welsh and English abroad?

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Scottish Horse HQ and Museum is at Dunkeld, they became 13th Battalion Black Watch. They are now the Black Watch ACF unit.

There were the North Irish Horse and the South Irish Horse and the King Edward's Horse in the Cavalry Reserve.

Then there were the Yeomanry Regiments of which only the Lothian & Borders Horse Yeomanry, the Scottish Horse and the Welsh Horse Yeomanry had ' Horse' in their title. Everybody else were simply Yeomanry eg Northamptonshire Yeomanry, Essex Yeomanry etc.

L&B Horse became 17th Royal Scots, Welsh Horse became 25th Royal Welsh Fusiliers and Scottish Horse became 13th Black Watch as I said.



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King Edwards Horse (Kings Colonials) was formed after the Boer War. It was for colonials resident in Britain and had Canadian Australian etc Squadrons.

Various places in the Empire also formed units which drew on expatriate feeling All of the dominions for exmaple had Scottish units. The Canadians for example had the Royal Highland Regiment of Canada,(and many other units). Irish Regiments also abounded (see New South Wales Irish) In South Africa there were the South African Irish and the Transvaal Scottish.These units were often formed by groups of emigrants and then drew on 'national feeling from their descendants.Generally they equated to the Britsh Territorial Army. Auxiliary Force India also had regiments like the Calcutta Scottish.


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