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Remembered Today:

1st August 1914


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In his history of the Army Service Corps 1902-1918, Michael Young writes

“On 1 August 1914 it [the ASC] numbered 498 Regular officers and 5,933 men, largely in seventy-three companies as follows: five Depot Companies, (three HT and one each for MT and Supply), thirty-three HT companies and twenty MT companies, two Station HT companies at lower establishments, four Service Companies for Supply, four Remount companies and five HT companies in the Middle East or in South Africa. The position was about to change.”

my italics

HT = horse transport

MT = mechanical transport

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Guest Pete Wood

France requisitions 50 Morane Saulnier two-seater Parasols destined for export to Turkey [did this have any influence on Turkey's decision to later back Germany, especially when Britain requisitioned ships built for the Turks?].

These aeroplanes equip French esadrailles MS23 and MS26.

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On this day, at 1900, the first invasion of Luxembourg by the German army took place.

They tore up the railway (for reasons never explained), then an officer turned up with a telegram telling them to put it all off until the next day. They put the railway back and went home.

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