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The Index to the WWI Recruitment Registers held at Surrey History Centre is now well on its way to completion, however the last Volume is extremely poor in its quality (suspect the clerks were watering the ink), consequently help is again sought in repect of some Regimental abbreviations; these are


28th B(D)ar







The writing is so poor that some letters can be uncertain, hence the possible alternatives in brackets.

The assistance of the experts on this forum would be much appreciated in helping to complete this project.

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RMLI is Royal Marine Light Infantry.

I will have to dig for the others but I suspect you won't have long before others fill the gaps!

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Could ARCB actually be ARCS = Australian Red Cross Society

Just a punt with this one... Could RR be Reserve Regiment of Cavalry?

The list of US Navy abbreviations gives RFAD as 'Released from Active Duty' !!!!

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I wouldn`t know that, doogal :huh: . It`s just that I don`t recall coming across them in WW1. Our Ozfriends should be waking up in a few hours, so we should soon find out! :rolleyes: Phil B

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Australia formed the following Inf Bn for the Occupation of Japan, The Bn were the 65th, 66th & 67th. These 3 Bn were part of the 34th Inf Brigade. The three battalions of 34th Infantry Brigade were the nucleus of the post-war Regular Army and were designated 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Australian Regiment in 1948, and the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) in the following year. Of the original three battalions, only the 3rd Battalion (3RAR). A 4th Battalion, (4RAR), was raised in Australia as a depot battalion in 1952 but disbanded at the end of the decade. 4RAR was not raised again until the start of conscription in 1964 for Vietnam for which further Bn were raised being 5 RAR, 6 RAR.

7 RAR.8 RAR & 9 RAR.


West Aust

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