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Awarded DFC but no citation in London Gazette


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Researching Frederick Joseph Haney who is mentioned in the London Gazette as M.C and D.F.C

Any reason why his citation or award is not there for the DFC ?

Many Thanks

David Bohl

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Haney received his DFC in the New Year's Honours for 1919, 1st January 1919. These awards tend to have been given for good service over a period of time, rather than for a specific act of bravery, hence no citation.

His MC was gazetted on 26th April 1917, so there should be a citation available for that award.

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IIRC there are very few Citations Promulgated in the London Gazette, for WW1 DFC/AFCs A recommendation might be found in the NA Air Files.

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There were no citations for awards of the Air Force Cross but a goodly proportion of the DFCs awarded had a citation, generally for specific acts of gallantry.

The award of Haney's DFC was prefaced "His Majesty the KING has been graciously pleased to approve of the undermentioned rewards to Officers and other ranks of the Royal Air Force, in recognition of distinguished service."


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