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Remembered Today:

Brigadier-General C.F. Watson

Eran Tearosh

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I'm trying to find more details about Brigadier-General C.F. Watson, who was in command of the 180th Brigade, 60th Division. Is there anything he wrote?



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Hello Eran,

Have you read 'Hell in the Holy Land' by David Woodward? He features in the book but I don't think there are any of his own writings in there.

There's plenty of photos of him on the net, this is a good page: http://www.20thlondonregiment.com/brigadier-general-c-f-watson.html

He's been discussed in the Forum before: http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=88077

Not what you wanted but I hope it helps,


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Hi Sandie,

Many thanks. Yes, I've read 'Hell in the Holy Land' Not a very flattering description of Watson I'm afraid…

About the photos I know them from a different source, actually, from the original source: The albums of the American Colony of Jerusalem. In those albums there's a mistake The photo with the Lady is definitely not a photo of Watson. To me he looks like Allenby himself.

Massey wrote about Watson in 'How Jerusalem was Won' (p. 178):

"The 180th Infantry Brigade, whose brigadier, Brigadier-General Watson, had the honour of being the first General in Jerusalem, the first across the Jordan and the first to get through the Turkish lime in September 1918…"

In an article written by Dr. Dov Gavish he quotes the wife of one of the photographers of the American Colony, Larson, that claimed that Watson returned to the site where Jerusalem surrendered, found the white flag, made the Mayor sign it and asked the Larson's to keep it till he's return. Edith Larson claims the flag was under her bed for almost a year… Today this signed flag is in the IWM in London (Would be interesting to find out how the flag made it's way to the Museum).

It makes sense to me that someone who quite pushed himself to the center of the events in Jerusalem, and went through the trouble with the flag etc. would write something about that. Hope something will pop up.

Thanks again,


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