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I am trying to trace place names recorded in a diary of Sgt Douglas Clark MM (352 Siege Battery/ Armoured Column) 1917: Messines and Third Battle of Ypres.....they are written as:

Remingalot, Bongleurs Farm, Sandermerck, Fleminging, Crofeck, Wipinhoof, Prazinboek Ridge........

His Siege Battery (352) was based near and around Poperinghe and Ypres.

He may have spelt some of these as they sound, perhaps thats why I can't trace them......can anyone help?

I'm also trying to find out what the abbreviations OXD and XCA stand for.......Clark mentions them in the context as follows:

"Mr Preedy and myself leave at 12.55 to take 5 lorries to 156 Battery. find OXD had been shelled by 8 inch Howitzer from Lille"

"Mr Preedy and myself leave for OXD Battery"

"but Mr Preedy gets me out to find 11 lorries loaded, we are detailed to take 800 rounds from XCA to 352."

"Beautiful morning. 5pm, Mr Preedy and I leave with 20 lorries for XCA. draw 1000 round and deliver to 352.

He also mentions "Fly Catchers" and "Fly By Nights"..........can anyone advise what these are?

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