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Remembered Today:

The Platoon: An infantryman on the Western Front 1916-18

Jim Hastings

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Good evening

Just reading 'Drawing Fire' by Len Smith of the 7th Londons - excellent read by the way - and looking as ever for another 'soldier's voice' type book. I know only recently published but has anyone read or is reading 'The Platoon' yet, if so, any good as thinking of getting it? Front cover suggests it is about a Kensingtons soldier and I am interested in the London Regiment during the Great War.

If not thinking of getting 'Four Years on the Western Front' by Aubrey Smith of the LRB

Many thanks


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Just went on Amazon to order Drawing Fire, and if you click on the book it opens page with details of book, scroll down and there is a list of similar titles that might float your boat. Regards Sean

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Four Years on the Western Front is well worth getting hold of IMHO.

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