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Captain Hepper's Great War Diary


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The Yorkshire Evening Post recently carried an artical about a new book called Captain Hepper's Great War Diary. This officer served in the 17th Battalion of the West Yorkshire Regiment and the diary covers the period from January 1916- January 1919.

My local liabary has a copy of the book but it is out on loan at present!

Has anyone had a chance to read this book yet? Is is one you would recommend?



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I've a copy and I've read it. It's in diary form and is not just a narrative based on his diaries. His son has done a grand job. It's detailed and well-illustrated with photos, diagrams and some of his personal trench maps. He was a natural history lover and this is a leitmotiv in the work, original drawings being reproduced throughout. I felt that he was recording the immense events of the time whilst, at the same time, revealing his own intimate feelings. Hepper was an officer in the 17th West Yorks




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