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Strange occurence


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Anyone ever heard of anything like this before. It was with the Inniskillings in 1915 and the soldier who decribes it was from Westmeath and survived the war.

A Miraculous Escape.

He related an incident, subsequent to the battle of Loos, where several comrades and himself were miraculously preserved. They were trying to make themselves comfortable in a barn somewhere in France, and were standing in the middle of the floor considering ways and means, when a dazzling sheet filled the place, extending like a white sheet from end to end. They were completely dazzled, and then the light advanced like a white wall, pressing them towards the door, through which they scrambled as speedily as possible. They had scarcely proceeded a safe distance from the barn, when, strange to say, a shell burst and demolished the entire structure. A narrow squeak.

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Thanks centurion, I thought it might have been a secret weapon so I bumped it up to see if anyone ever heard of such an occurrence.

Kind regards.


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