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Remembered Today:

Fritz Plaut, geboren in Frankfurt a/m, verwundet 15/2/17, leicht verw.


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So, a second newly discovered relative who served in the German Army: Fritz Plaut.

Via the document 'Decendants of Joseph Plaut from Vacha', which is derived from 'Plaut: Tracing the Legacy', we have the following genealogical information:

Johanna ROSENTHAL was born on November 21, 1865 in Frankfurt a. M.. Meyer PLAUT and Johanna ROSENTHAL had

the following children:

512 i. Fritz PLAUT was born on August 1, 1892.

This lines up with an entry via Ancestry from the relevant Verlustliste:

Fritz from Frankfurt/Main (DoB 1/8/92), rank & unit not given, wounded per Pr.VL.760 (15/2/17), slightly wounded per Pr.VL.855 (11/6/17).

At present I can find no additional information for Fritz, though I should add that today is a work day...


Can we reconnect Fritz with his unit?


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Ancestry turns up nothing but three family trees with Fritz in them, but Ancestry is being twitchy and I cannot access any of them at present. Perhaps tomorrow...

Given the lack of a paper trail on this fellow I also had a look in the various grave databases (i.e., Volksbund) and can not find him there either. I get the sense he will be a tough fellow to get much on.


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  • 1 year later...

I have thus far checked with the following sources in an effort to pin down his unit info:

  • Ancestry
  • weltkriegsopfer.de (just in case he was KIA, as I have no date of death for him)
  • Volksbund
  • Denkmalprojekt
  • alemannia-judaica.de
  • any relatives who have any connection to the Plauts
  • the almighty Google
  • scrying and the occasional tea leaf reading :whistle:

Being from Frankfurt he could have ended up in lord knows how many different parts of the military, so that angle is not terribly helpful. LAGeSo is of course off the table at present, so that's off the table. Am I missing anything?


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