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Medal Card Index Interpretation please.


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Hi Guys,

Could anyone please help me with the information on the attached Medal Card Index as I can't make any sense out of it, being a 'newbie' and all that.

Cause of Discharge: Para 392 XVI KRS WO L ???????? (AG10) 9/12/18

Action Taken: ????? R.A.S.C./4009

And finally, is any of the above, 'valuable enough' to find out more information, (although I am NOT sure that this is my relative due to having no regiment details, medals, service number or anything, other than a couple of photographs which were identified very helpfully by members of this forum way back in November 2008. The photos apparently established that my Grandfather was an MT Driver in the RASC, possibly in France at the beginning of the War in 1914.

Thanks in advance for any help


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Hi Max what you have is a silver war badge card.The person to who it relates enlisted in june 1916.He was discharged under the kings regulation you have listed which was no longer physically fit for war service 21/11/18.Some info on the link below. If as you say your relative was in from stat of war this card does not tie in with that.There should also be an mic provided the person served overseas.john


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  • Admin

You are not looking at a medal index card but an index card for a Silver War Badge.

These are now on Ancestry and the record shows he enlisted on 24th June 1916 and was discharged under the terms of KR (full list here

http://www.military-....com/KR392.html )

In this case it was as a result of sickness

The M/prefix confirms this man was a motor transport driver

If you have access to Ancestry there are 12 pages in the pension records

on discharge he was living at 41 Hunger Hill Road Nottingham he was a mechanic.

It appears he accidentally shot himself (or was shot) in the hand while in England prior to enlistment and did not serve overseas. Medical category B1 after the gsw and served at Grove Park (the ASC Depot)

If you have access to ancestry the record is at http://search.ancest...9&fh=2&h=167396


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Thanks for all the help everyone, most appreciated. The Silver War Badge card details are definitely NOT connected to my grandfather, so at least I have eliminated one possible source, only a few thousand to go! :whistle: I am beginning to realise that I have so little to go on,other than a couple of photographs that possibly show he was in France early on in the war,in the Armed Service Corps with what appears to be a mobile workshop. As I'm going 'off thread' here, I think I shall follow on from my original query, 'WWI Uniform ID if Possible' which I posted on this forum way back on 7th January 2007. Thanks again guys, Max

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