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Remembered Today:

Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson


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Below I post a photograph (not by me) of a reenactment of firing an 18-pounder gun at Fort Nelson.

Does anybody know what is the purpose (if any) of the pole protruding ahead of the gun; and the model of the naval gun in background (QF 4-inch Mk XIX from WW II ?).




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It's the trail of the limber - if you look closely the limber is closest to the camera with the gun immediately behind it.

I'm not certain about the drill for an 18 pounder but I would have thought the limber would be deployed on the right side of the

gun so it's easier for the loader to get to the rounds.



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d'uh, of course, the ammunition limber is on the left of the gun, which according to Dale Clarke's execellent Osprey book was the standard position. I need new glasses.



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I'm no gunner but even when a limber is not in use, ready for use rounds are stacked on the left of the gun. sw

Photos of American, German, Russian and Turkish field guns all show the limber. pole forward, on the left of the gun so looks like a fairly universal approach.

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