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2/4th East lancs


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A friend has asked me with some info on her Grandfather,

and I was hoping one or two of you could help me.

He was killed on the 20/11/17

one of only two casualties that day.

So where were they? I think they were at the battle for poelcapelle in October 1917

But I would like to know their movements prior to his death.

Hope you can help.


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Hi Ian

2 casualties that day suggests somethning like 'holding the line' duty and not an offensive or defensive action.

This sites info suggests the Division were involved in no 'actions' that day, but no doubt someone will be able to confirm more than I can!

Good luck


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Ian, the history indicates that they were holding the right sector of the Broodseinde front, when casualties during reliefs and in the line were few, but working parties suffered severely while working on the construction of a new and strong support line. Phil B

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Thank you for the info, I will pass it on to her.

She will be visiting their Grandfathers grave for the first time on the anniversary of his death this year.

Thanks again.


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