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Canadian forces help please


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Hi I'm compiling a lost of men who fought with the C.E.F. from my home town. I've got them all bar a couple of men. I want to find their regiments. I used the Canadian site which gives you their number and rank, but not their regiments. So where would I find their regiments.

Thank you.

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Attestation papers which can be viewed on The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) database for Soldiers of the First World War will normally show what unit a man enlisted with. But to determine what unit he served with in France and Flanders will require at least one of the following:

a. For casualties, their unit will be listed in their record on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

b. For those who were not casualties, you will need a look at their service record. These records can be ordered from LAC or, if you are only seeking to confirm this one detail on each man, you could find a researcher in Ottawa who could draw the files and check for you.

c. On the off chance that they appear, you could also try the Courts Martial database, which would at least offer their unit at the time of the court martial.

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