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John Tucker


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Hi folks,

I hope someone can help me, when my Grandad past away afew years ago he left me a memorial plague on it was the name John Tucker. Up until my grandads death I had never seen the plaque let alone heard of John Tucker. My Granmother has since informed me that he was my Grandads mothers 1st husband, but that's all she knows.

I have carried out the recommended search using the CWGC web site which and am pretty sure that I have found my man but as there is no next of kin how can I be sure?

His details are: John Tucker

Nationality : UK

Rank : Private

Reg : Duke of Cornwall's Light infantry

Unit : 10th Bn

Service No : 21604

Any addvice would be great as I feel that I'm at a deadend

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21604 pte john tucker k.i.a. 1/12/17

born -lanner cornwall

enlisted . st. austell

information from soldiers died in great war

i hope this will be of some help


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Also try the PRO on line and look for his Medal Index Card (MIC). Gives a little more info (medals earned, date of entry into which theatre etc). £3.50 to download BUT I believe theyre in the process of making them on-lineable, so may not be at the T's yet? If you cant wait, a researcher will prob have to do it, but theyll find service papers etc too for you (if theyre available).

If he has a medal other than BWM, VM or a 1915/15 Star, there may even be a write up on him somewhere?

His family's local papers obituaries too. Worth a look, usually on microfiche at a local library or archive centre.

Other than that, search the Battalions War Diaries for the action he was KIA in; Other ranks dont get mentioned too regularly but you never know.

Happy hunting!


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As He was KiA I would suggest you try to access the St Austell Local Papers or The Cornishman of the Era,as most probably there will be an obituary or death notice from the time he was KiA/DoW Etc;You may also be fortunate enough to find letters from his CO or Mates given the [Possibly "sanitized"}details of his death[You may have to search for around a month or two from the DoD to find him mentioned,hopefully it may be worth the effort though]as you know his Birthplace it might be worth checking the 1901 census to see if any other "Tuckers" :blink: were living where he was that you might know of??

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Looks as though he was KIA,during the battle of Cambrai,which i think started on the 30th of November,1917.

The Battle was a bit of an experiment,to see weather Tanks could force a breakthrough,and finally break the German line,the infantry,just mopping up,and holding the ground.

The tanks did breakthrough,but the battle,wasn't a great success,and casualties were still high,amongst the infantry and Tank Battalions.

He is commemorated on The Cambrai Memorial,which means he probably has no known grave.

Good hunting,GPR,and welcome to the Forum.

You are in the right place.

All the best.

Simon Furnell.

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Just a quick note to thanks to the four of you for your help and advice.

It's already helped me find afew more things out about him.

Cheers again.

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