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edward hayden


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hi all,

am trying to gain info on a edward hayden,ROYAL ENGINEERS, and possible recipient of the MM.

i have very little on him only that he was from dublin and servived the war.

have checked london gazzette and drew a blank and i dont have access to ancestry.

thanks for your time and help,

cheers nev

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A link to the Gazette Page:


This medal card downlaod (£2.00) at the National Archives should tell you which uniy he was with:

Description Medal card of Hayden, E

Corps Regiment No Rank

Army Corps Signal Company Royal Engineers 148786 Sapper

Date 1914-1920

Catalogue reference WO 372/23



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thanks so much lads,

just wondering,with the MIC that bradley has kindly showed,would the MM not be on it?

and also would the link that steve provided be the same MIC that bradley has shown?

am assume that duveen is a miss spelt dublin.

will try and hunt down some of the local newspapers for more info,but you guys have given me his regimental number and london gazzette page and that will make it easier.

cheers nev

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