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Edward Thomas Bush


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Only this weekend have I uncovered a Great uncle that even my mum knew nothing of. Dvr. E T Bush 12789 Royal Horse and Field Artillery. He signed up as a reservist in 1911 and was sent to France in 1914. I have managed to find his military history and MIC on ancestry(he was KIA 1917)but what I would like to know is where he was likely to have served? Under the corps on his MIC it says 3rd D.A.C or D.R.C, what does this mean? Below that it says RFG which I presume is royal field gunner, although he is listed as a driver! Lastly, on his MIC 1914 star, it mentions 'clasp 2/2884', would this be the normal clasp that I have seen fitted to ribbons on other 14 stars that I have seen? Any help or finger pointing in the right direction gratefully received, regards Sean

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many thanks ss002d6252, just had a quick look on LLT and it seems that they were involved in most major actions throughout the war.

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As I have very little in the way of history from Ancestry, and his MID does not give any other details other than what I have mentioned, how would I go about finding who he was attached to? Checked LLT for details but there were brigades that left and joined the 3rd during the conflict so its even more confusing than I imagined. Is it possible to find listings for Royal Horse and Field Artillery men so that I can tie him down to a regiment etc?

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