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I have a Silver War Badge that was given to me some time ago. I cannot even remember who gave me it? It's been lying in a drawer for a couple of years. It's a great design don't you think?

Turns out it belonged to-

Pte S.E.7624 John Miller Royal Army Veterinary Corps Enlisted 5/5/1915 Entered Balkan Theatre 30/11/1915 Discharged Para 2(d) of Army Order 265/17 on the 20/2/1918 *

* 2(d) Those who, have served as soldiers and being now over military age, have been discharged otherwise than for misconduct.

He was 55 years old at discharge.

Badge Number 320981. Unfortunately his Service/Pension record does not appear to have survived.

Do you have any badges, and if so, who were/was the recipient?


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I keep a representative sample of WW1 items and have one SWB (B277428). I was helped by one of our resident SWB List experts to find who it was issued to.

3226 Augustine Edward THOMAS of 1st Battalion The Honourable Artillery Company (I wonder if there was also a Dishonourable equivalent !). Enlisted 10.3.1915. Discharged 23.3.1919,to a seemingly recurring ankle injury caused on active service in France, to 40% disability pension of 11/- for six months and then on a reduced pension thereafter. A service/pension record exists so I can at least see what he did.


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Thanks sotonmate. I suppose finding a service record, and even the SWB of a 'celeb' would push the value up?

I would be interested to know where Mr Miller came from, and how his SWB ended up in Aberfeldy. By the way if anyone can prove they are related to Mr Miller, it's yours for P&P:


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