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WW1 Halcrow

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During WW1 there were 20 British Halcrow's killed, 3 Canadian Halcrow's, the Canadian all emigrated from the Shetlands. There were 39 Halcrow's who served and survuved, and 3 serving female Halcrow's all survived.

Here are the names of the Halcrow's who survuved:

Private Alexander Halcrow 11707/533641 Royal Highlanders

Private Alexander Halcrow 11537 North Staffs

Private Arthur N Halcrow 25598/380046 Middlesex Ref/Labour Corp

Private Betram Halcrow 3988 R.A.M.C

Private Charles Halcrow 412/292541 Gordons

Sgt Francis Halcrow 20/17910

Private Frank Halcrow 1964/25462 Durham light Infantry/Labour Corp

Private Hedley Ercole Halcrow 5486/273917 13th London/Labour Corp (my grandfather)

Private Hugh Halcrow 3397/27590

Cpl James Halcrow 5158/1667093/337540 R.G.A

Gunner James Halcrow 344588 R.G.A

Private James Halcrow S/23108 Seaforth

Cpl James Halcrow 347483 R.G.A

Private James Halcrow 2716/320061 Durham Light Infantry

2nd Lieut James P Halcrow Royal Scotts

Gunner Jeremiah Halcrow 218277 R.F.A

Private John Halcrow 326989/376082 Durham Light Infantry

Private Joseph Halcrow 56309 R.A.M.C

Captain Malcolm Halcrow 1375 28th/23rd London Regt , (my ancestor,my grandfathers cousin )

Captain Malcolm C Halcrow Royal Scotts

Private Magnus Halcrow 1554/300309 Royal Scotts

Lieut Oscar Henry Halcrow 1575 29th London Regt/1st North Hants, (my ancestor, my grandfathers cousin.)

Private Percy R Halcrow 4312/561006 14th London Regt

Private R Halcrow 10125 Nairobi DF

Private Ralph A Halcrow 3797 4th Cheshire Regt

Private Ralph A Halcrow M/288859 A.S.C

Private Reginald E Halcrow G/38825 20th London Regt/RW Kent Regt, (my ancestor)

Private Robert Halcrow 1283/422114 R.E

Private Tom F Halcrow 29156 G.Guards

Private William Halcrow 300324 Tank Corp

Private William Halcrow M/358227 A.S.C

Private William H Halcrow 35368 Worchester Regt

Gunner William Hopper Halcrow 86306 R.F.A

Females who served

Doris A Halcrow 196 Queen Mary's Army Auxillary Corp

Grace M Halcrow 16817 WRAF

Officer Marjorie Halcrow WRAF, (my ancestor ,she was married to Lieut Arthur Palmer Halcrow, he was killed on23.04.1917)

If anyone could help me with my research regarding any of the above, either photo's or family information, or military information it would be appreciated. I hope pass on my research to the Sheltland Family Archive Society, as Shetland & Orkney is where the Halcrow originated from.

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