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137156 Gunner Alick Kerry


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Alick Kerry died on 21 October 1918. I have all the deatails from CWGC, SD and his MIC. He was entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal. I have also seen the information available on the LLT regarding the 56th Brigade. I was wondering if there are any experts on the RFA who might have some idea when he enlisted and when he went overseas



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RFA men with numbers 137xxx were mostly Derby Scheme men attestting Dec 1915, although there were some conscripts being called up much later. But all men with 137xxx numbers near your man's number were mobilised around 10th - 11th May 1916 reporting to the RFA No 2 Depot in Preston. From then on, there is quite a range of dates for when these men were sent to overseas because they seem to have gone to various units, some transferring to infantry beforehand like my GU who was ex-137964. It's not unsusual though to see some of these men in theatre by Sept-Dec 1916.


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